Monday, January 30, 2012

Some advise for BIM Managers of Contractors

In Turkish we have a saying "Where logic ends, military service begins."

I always remember this sentence when I am dealing with contractors so that I will not waste my time trying to understand what they are actually trying to do:))

Especially when it comes to BIM Implementation Plans of contractors. I have so many friends who are working as BIM Managers and their main task is to implement a "BIM Process" to the contractor's organization.

They feel like they are the "Don Quixote" of the organization fighting against the giants (windmills actually).

After 8 years experience in the industry, my current opinion is any kind of process change can not be applied to the overall organization of a contractor in one go. Especially BIM!

Contractors thinks and acts "Project Based"not as an overall company. The minds of the engineers and project managers are also set to their own project's success. Nothing more nothing less! 

Yes, if they make long term plans the implementation will be faster, more efficient and less costly as well but who cares:)

So as a BIM Manager do not be Don Quixote and try to beat the giant over a night. Think like a contractor. Focus on a single project.

Take it slow and prepare your implementation plan on based on a pilot project only.

Do internal marketing!

Share your project success with other project teams! 

Show your output! Explain your working methods!

Show your quantities to the QS team and let them compare with theirs! (Do not worry! I have not seen a single case where the manual quantities were more accurate:))

Prepare the minds of your next project's team with the BIM idea!

One project at a time! No need to rush for the success!

Diyane Koseoglu

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