Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Contractors! It's time to wake up! It's BIM time!

I found a DVD on my desk yesterday!

A new project which BIM is mandated by the owner!

When I looked at the tender documents, I recognized the project. It was a project that a contractor was educating the project owner on the benefits of BIM. I also helped them with some presentations on Open BIM.

The contractor suceeded!

BIM is mandated in the project and that specific contractor will set themselves apart from the competition. The contractor have established their BIM Unit last year and already have quite a mature team since they brought in some really good, internationally known BIM managers and experts.

Finally a contractor in the Middle East noticed that BIM can be used as a differentiator to win more business. (It used to be designers before.)

Image from Stuart Miles

I am glad the contractors finally started to wake up!

Go contractors go!

Have a great weekend!
Diyane Koseoglu

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