Tuesday, December 4, 2012

3D is the way to go but what about 2D?

Do you remember ArchiCAD 11?

It was the version, which was focused mainly on 2D related new features.

I can remember the big debates just after the release. Some users were so upset and they felt incredibly betrayed.

Their point was, 3D is the way to go and Graphisoft should not spent time on developing the 2D features.

Well, I did not agree with them at that time and I do not agree with them today as well.

I agree with the "3D is the way to go part" but I do not agree with the rest. Here are my reasons:

Image from bdcnetwork

1- 2D is still the main form of communicating project information. Yes, we all saw these fancy pictures of site engineers playing with models using iPads. But let's be honest, it's not their main media. They still use 2D drawings and the model is just a supportive document. Will this change? Yes, but I don't know when...

2- We always need 2D input even while creating 3D Models. For instance we define the cross section of a complex profile in 2D. So it becomes very important for us how good is our modeling tool's 2D capabilities. Do we have enough methods to define an arc or a spline?

3- Clash detection is mostly considered as a coordination process between MEP and other disciplines. We all know why. MEP is usually the troublemaker of the project:) In this case, many BIM beginers believes clash detection should be in 3D. Not entirely! ArchiCAD 11's Trace Reference (a developed version of Ghost Story) has a vital role in our business. When we coordinate a project, we also check Architecture vs Architecture and Structure vs Structure by using trace reference. We compare the section generated from  our model to the design drawings etc. Believe me we normally find 10s of discrepancies within the same discipline drawings. This would not be possible with tools that provide only 3D Clash Detection Tools!

Please do not get me wrong! I am absolutely in love with the latest developments in ArchiCAD. Morph Tool saved our lives in one of our recent projects:)) I am just saying let's not ignore the relaity of 2D:))

Have a fabulous day!

Diyane Koseoglu


  1. And, there is SO much more that should be better in 2D work ...

    - dimensioning, especially level dimensioning
    - annotation in general (link to general notes databases)
    - PDF size
    - revision clouds/annotation
    - DFW handling

    Otherwise, ArchiCAD is in fact (and has always been!) one of the fastest drafting packages on market!!!!

  2. it should have been DWF, of course ...

  3. I absolutely agree on all your comments Djordje!