Monday, December 17, 2012

ArchiCAD Video Series - Wall Tool

Have you ever watched BIM software videos and did not learn anything?

It happens to me very often.

I hope to see a video that explains how that tools works but ending up watching a super marketing demo.

It is nice if you are new to BIM and trying to understand the benefits in general but if you are experienced it feels like watching FOX KIDS.

Most of the time, I search youtube for technical videos that explains the capabilities of the softare or a specific tool in that software.

Well, when it comes to this, Graphisoft is the best!

They are very transparent and crazy about sharing information.

If you agree with me, you will love the new ArchiCAD Video Series. They started with Wall Tool! 3 videos explaining the Wall Tool inside out.

Wall Tool 01/03 ArchiCAD Video Series

 Wall Tool 02/03 ArchiCAD Video Series

Wall Tool 03/03 ArchiCAD Video Series

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