Sunday, December 30, 2012

BIM Assessments

A couple of days ago I found a website that does BIM Assessments.

Initially it looked very interesting because the tests are under different categories. For example You can check your BIM Level as an individual or as an organization.

You can also check your BIM skills on different categories. For instance you can be technically strong but what about Administration?

So I started with Administration.

It's soooo long. Question after question and since I have not seen any indication of duration or total number of question (I am not sure if there is any), I got really irritated and couldn't finish.

But otherwise, the questions are good. They make you realize all different aspects that you need to consider and develop your skills.

They have a nice dictionary with a quick search engine as well.

I advise this test to all the seniors who are involved with BIM somehow.

Have a great day!
Diyane Koseoglu


  1. Hi Diyane,
    Thank you for evaluating BIMe Individual Discovery (Beta). The length of the assessment will depend on many factors but is expected to take between 50mins and 2hrs (212 questions). The idea is to conduct a comprehensive assessment so users can establish their BIM Competency Profile and discover their strengths and challenges. A shorter assessment wouldn't be as useful because that means important areas will have to be skipped.
    As mentioned in the Beta Users Guide, you don’t have to complete the assessment in one go. Feel free to stop anytime and have a break; the system is designed to automatically save all your answers so you can continue later.
    Thank you again for your feedback and recommendations, we will take your comments into consideration in designing the next set of online tools.

  2. Hi Bilal,

    Thanks for your comment! I totally understand your concern on keeping the test long enough to evaluate all important areas and I agree with it.

    We also apply tests that takes 4 hours in total while employing our team members.

    AS I said in the blog, just an indication of the time at the beginning would be great!

    I look forward to seeing further developments!

    Good luck!