Thursday, January 3, 2013

Are contractors scared of BIM?

My answer is a big YES!

This is understandable because BIM means process change and process changes are always painful.
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When they see the BIM Specification in the tender documents, the stress starts!

They understand it requires expertise and most of the time they decide to outsource it to a "BIM Consultant".

They start preparing an RFP for the BIM Consultant. The main target of this RFP is to make sure that all the responsibility is transferred to BIM Consultant and General Contractor is stress free.

This is also understandable but some of them exaggerates the situation.

I have recently received some RFPs that are absolutely unrealistic.

I am not sure how to explain this without going into specifics. They are almost like "BIM consultant is to be blamed if someone breaks his leg while skiing:) Whatever happens on earth, blame the BIM Consultant."

If you are not reasonable in what you want, you will receive non-reasonable proposals of course. I am not talking about extremely high costs.

I am talking about people who are not familiar with construction will send you proposals without understanding the responsibility they are taking.

Unfortunately some BIM Consultants are "software guys" not "construction" and they can not even imagine the risk they are taking.

I saw many projects the above scenario happened.
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Unfortunately failure and many problems for all the parties involved!

My advise...
- Be reasonable in the RFP.
- Get suspicious if some BIM Consultants hesitate to provide you a proposal:)

I am sorry for such a negative post on the last day of the week but I just received another strange RFP:)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Diyane Koseoglu


  1. What is new? The Contractors always dump all the responsibility on the subs ...

    ... but in this case, it is doubly dangerous. The most dangerous outcome is that "BIM does not work". Of course it does not work, there is nobody to do it on the project!!!!! Does your car run without an engine?

  2. I've tried several times to convince our management to adopt BIM but still the knowledge & culture wise is the obstetrical not the financial one!

    They are so convincing by this: As we are construction contractor, if we asked to implement BIM, then "BIM consultant" is the magic Savior!, still we don't need to look deeper into it!

    I believe on BIM benefit and I believe that if we want something we have never had before (outcomes of best BIM implementation), then we should have to do something we have never done before (training and extra efforts)!

    "BIM means changes; changes in way of working, changes in staffing needs and project organisation, and changes in how a firm uses of the information contained within the building model" Autodesk said ..

  3. @Muhammad Barakat,

    1- You can´t teach an old dog new tricks unless s/he's desperate or in a real need

    2- Search for people in the organization who have the heaviest load, and show them an actual example being done by BIM and how it could help them reduce time and effort.

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