Monday, January 7, 2013

BIM Dictionary

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BIM is still at the crawling phase in terms of establishing standards and processes.

BIM Tools are developing everyday and introducing significant changes. Sometimes these changes are so significant that the process should be almost rewritten.

There are also local factors effecting the processes. Many things that are standardized in Europe or North America are not accepted/implemented in the Middle East for instance.

So the BIM world is a little bit chaotic due to the speed difference between development and implementation.

I am in day-to-day BIM business and I still come up with new terminology every day. Keeping up with the latest developments is challenging even for me.

Sometimes I feel like whoever wakes up early invents a new term:)

New terms are not that bad actually. The worse is if people do not agree on the meaning of the same term.

Like 6D.

To me, 6D is Facilities Management.

But some claims it's procurement.

The difference between federated, integrated and consolidated models is totally another story.
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When this chaos is combined with "lack of knowledge", then all I can do is to wish you good luck:)

I wish Building Smart was more active on this and create a BIM Dictionary!

A dictionary that would be accepted by all the vendors!

A dictionary that can be refernce point for all BIM profesionalls!

Have a great day!

Diyane Koseoglu.


  1. Diyane, buildingSMART develops the International Framework for Dictionaries (IFD) which is a standard for terminology libraries or ontologies ( However, while the IFD/ Data Dictionary effort deserves our support, I suspect it is not what BIM professionals need on a daily basis.
    When we started developing BIM Excellence, we encountered the same exact issue you’ve mentioned: we needed consistent terminology/definitions to use in our assessments and learning modules. Since we couldn't find a dictionary which is reasonably accurate or complete, we decided to develop one ourselves. It took our small team 100s of hours but we think the result is worth the effort. The BIM Excellence Dictionary ( is online, free (released under creative commons 3.0 license) and open to all registered users (registration requirements will be removed soon). It currently includes more than 330 cross-linked terms derived from research papers and high-end industry publications.
    The BIMe Dictionary can of course be extended and improved upon but that depends on informed people like you who can suggest additions and improvements through the dedicated ‘suggest new term’ module. We think it is a good Professional BIM Dictionary for BIM implementation, assessment and learning, and we aim to make it even better in the days and weeks to come.

  2. Thanks Diyane for this issue and also Bilal Succar i could visit the two URL,hope more comments on this effective issue.

  3. Hi Bilal!
    Thank you for getting in tocuh! It's a great pleasure to meet with the people behind

    IFD development seems quite slow unfortunately. It has been 2 years since I heard it for the first time and still under discussions.

    Thus I am quite happy that bimexcellence spent a significant amount of time and start developing it already!

    Highly appreciated!

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